Sustainable Climate Center, Historic Nature Reserve

The place where nature, culture, economy, knowledge and innovation come together. From a rich past to a sustainable future.


Climate Center Mariëndaal

WindShareFund, a wind energy investment company based in Arnhem, is developing Climate Center Mariëndaal. Currently, this development is in the conceptual phase and plans have yet to be coordinated with all stakeholders. This website aims to provide a general picture of the current underlying vision from which future development will be organized.

WindShareFund's mission is to make investing in wind energy accessible to a wide audience. In order to increase the share of sustainable energy, accelerate the energy transition and thus reduce CO2 emissions. In doing so, we help protect our climate and pass on our valuable earth to future generations. Learn more about WindShareFund at

WindShareFund founder and Managing Director Charles Ratelband about Climate Center Mariëndaal:

"Huis Mariëndaal must, just as in the past, play a central role as an eye-catcher. The historic appearance is preserved and restored where possible. In terms of content, sustainable development and innovation in a broad sense play a central role, in which the energy transition, CO2 reduction and compensation are clear key points. "

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Climate Center Mariëndaal accomplishes, in collaboration with the business community, governments, knowledge institutions and other stakeholders, a climate center and (business) meeting place where sustainable development in a broad sense plays a central role and where initiatives aimed at internationally oriented development and innovation come together to strengthen each other. This private-public partnership forms a strong basis for making the transition to an international market in order to maximize the impact of sustainable development on a global scale. In this way it is in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

The ambition of Climate Center Mariëndaal is, among other things, to help accelerate the energy transition together with knowledge institutions and governments, but especially also with impact companies, in order to contribute to the European ambition towards energy management without CO2 emissions in the year 2050. The energy transition is necessary, but above all offers opportunities to innovate and improve. It is important that Europe, and with it the Netherlands, continue to lead the way. We do this by working together.

The park around Huis Mariëndaal will have an open character, in which the public function plays a central role. The opportunity to enjoy nature in this unique place is the common thread in new developments. The gardens will be restored as much as possible to the atmosphere and appearance of the early twentieth century. The monumental buildings will retain their historic appearance. The current Orangery can be used as a tea house where walkers can enjoy a snack. The park will also provide space for public summer evening concerts, meetings and events, in keeping with the wishes and frameworks, and with the approval of Mariëndaal's partners and stakeholders.

* The development of the Climate Center Mariëndaal is still in the conceptual phase. No rights can therefore be derived from the texts and expressions on this website.