Climate Center

Climate Center Mariëndaal accomplishes, in collaboration with the business community, governments, knowledge institutions and other stakeholders, a climate center and (business) meeting place where sustainable development in a broad sense plays a central role.

Sustainable Development Goals

Climate Center Mariëndaal facilitates a locally rooted and globally connected network of entrepreneurs and organizations. Our partners work to achieve tangible positive impact, guided by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In 2015, 193 world leaders of the United Nations set 17 world goals to ensure that the world is a fair, healthy and safe place to live by 2030. More and more organizations are now embracing the so-called SDGs.

The SDGs create a shared language about the major challenges of our time worldwide. They also provide a practical framework with a positive message that inspires people and organizations to work on solutions. The number of governments, companies, social enterprises and charity organizations that are actually working on the SDGs has been steadily increasing in recent years.

Climate Center Mariëndaal will be a place where knowledge and services come together that make the world a little better in line with the SDGs. Together we make markets more accessible for sustainable companies and knowledge workers. Also a place where local, internationally oriented companies can make their leap into emerging markets easier. The European strategy of Climate Center Mariëndaal is therefore based on this aim: making connections. This requires a distinctive capacity in the field of knowledge and innovation. Climate Center Mariëndaal focuses on smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. This strategy emphasizes the importance of research and innovation, sustainable energy and an ultimately 100% green economy.

Energy transition

Important SDGs for initiator WindShareFund, which form a common thread in the development of Climate Center Mariëndaal, are "affordable and sustainable energy" and "climate action". In order to achieve the climate goals of the Paris agreement, it is necessary to accelerate the energy transition. The challenge is to reduce CO2 emissions by phasing in sustainable energy more quickly and phasing out fossil energy smoothly, while the energy supply remains safe, available for everyone and affordable. Energy saving is also an important means. The energy transition requires major technical and social changes in all sectors of the economy, among governments and citizens.

The transition to energy management without CO2 emissions requires technical, social and policy innovations.

Climate Center Mariëndaal has a clear mission: to accelerate the energy transition. Climate Center Mariëndaal facilitates, among other things, independent and internationally leading research and stands for an agenda-setting, initiating and supporting role for government, industry and social organizations. In addition, an essential role is reserved for the companies located at Climate Center Mariëndaal to roll out innovations more widely, internationally in order to increase global impact.

The innovation programs of Climate Center Mariëndaal cover as many relevant parts of the energy transition as possible.

Co2 neutral and self-sufficient

Climate Center Mariëndaal is working on the sustainable development of the Mariëndaal park. For example, the entire area is developed as fully self-sufficient for water and energy. Energy can be generated by means of geothermal energy, the exchange of heat between buildings and business functions, but other forms of sustainable energy may also be among the promising renewable generation options. By using new techniques, the area must become optimally self-sufficient through the use of energy-efficient measures and sustainable energy generation.


The park will have an open character, in which the public function plays a central role. The opportunity to enjoy nature in this unique place is the common thread in new developments. The gardens will be restored as much as possible to the atmosphere and appearance of the early twentieth century. The monumental buildings will retain their historic appearance. The current Orangery can be used as a tea house where walkers can enjoy a snack. The park will also provide space for public summer evening concerts, meetings and events, in keeping with the wishes and frameworks, and with the approval of Mariëndaal's partners and stakeholders.